Legal Department

The Legal Department of the staff of the RA Ministry Agriculture performs the following functions:


a) Development and preparation of drafts of legal acts, presentation of legal and expert opinions about such acts,

b) control over preparation of drafts of legal acts, organization of  works for submitting the normative acts of the minister for state registration in the manner specified by the RA legislation,

c) support to the processes for enacting the RA laws and other legal acts by the staff and other organizations of the sector, ensuring state registration of legal entities,

d) development of civil contracts concluded by the Ministry, participation in the process of  developing international, intergovernmental agreements , control over the recording and registration procedure of original documents,

e) ensuring presentation of the Ministry in judicial and other state bodies, control over  the cases of administrative proceedings in the Ministry, maintenance of registers for recording such cases and administrative acts,

f) provision of legal consultations to the citizens applied to the Ministry and responses  to the their letters and complaints,

j) participation in preparation of the procedure for privatization or liquidation of the RA state property in the manner specified by the RA legislation,

h) analyses of studies about legal environment of agricultural sector in foreign countries, coordination and organization of relevant activities,  

i) submission of proposals about the projects included in the agenda of government sessions, ministerial committees. 



Head of the department: Gurgen Avagyan

Tel.: (+37411) 529 231




Head of Division of Legal Acts Examination and Judicial Representation: Qristine Gevorgyan

Tel.: (+37411) 526 367  




Head of Division of Legal Support and Contracts: Liana Grigoryan

Tel.: (+37411) 526 367