Announcement on submission of application forms to participate in the introduction of the drip irrigation systems


13Program on Interest Rates Subsidy for the Introduction of Drip Irrigation Systems Loans was approved in The Government Session of The Republic of Armenia on 21st of December, 2017 by Protocol Decision № 53.


All organizations specialized in the introduction of drip irrigation systems wishing to participate in the Program that meet the conditions and standarts stated in the d) paragraph of the 2) subparagraph of 22nd point of the Programm can apply to the Ministry in an appropriate form presented in the Program (p. 11).


Based on derived application forms the list of specialized organizations and in presence of the additional information about their activities and accomplished work will be posted on the Website.


In the frame of the Program will be subsidized only the loans provided to entities (loaners) in which land parcels the introduction of drip irrigation systems is implemented by one of the specialized organizations included in the list above.




Ministry of Agriculture of RA