“Veterinary-Sanitary and Phytosanitary Services Center” SNCO

The main subject and goals of the “Veterinary-Sanitary and Phytosanitary Services Center” SNCO state non-commercial organization are the following:


a. implementation of the state projects in the plant protection and quarantine, veterinary and cattle breeding fields,

b. monitoring of dangerous plant pests,

c. veterinary service, activities pursued in the country regarding livestock epidemics, quarantine disease of animals, quarantine actions during export and import of animals, recording and numbering of farm livestock,

d. activities preventing and eliminating contagious diseases common for human and animals,  

e. activities preventing penetration of quarantine diseases of animals, highly dangerous and  notifiable communicable diseases into the territory of  Republic of Armenia, 

f. stock taking and recording of plant protection substances and fertilizers that are registered in the list of plant protection chemical and biological  substances permitted in the Republic of Armenia, are not registered, or are out of use or expired, and preparation of  report to be submitted to the authorized body.


In addition, the “Center of services for veterinary-sanitary, food security, plant sanitation sectors” state non-commercial organization pursues the following business activities:   


1) implementation of plant protection activities,

2) disinfection of the plants, plant products and other regulated objects, 

3) control over plant quarantine diseases, pests and weeds, 

4) treatment of the agricultural livestock contagious and non- contagious diseases not included in the state order, 

5) disinfection of infected livestock breeding and other objects,

6) clinical examination and study of agricultural livestock,

7) artificial insemination of the agricultural livestock, bonitation of the animals in the stud producing companies,

 8) advisory services,

9) organization of the on-the-job trainings for the students agricultural educational establishments,  

10) disposal of dangerous and expired food. 



Director: Norik Barseghyan

Tel.: (+37410) 201 731 

Fax: (+37410) 201 732

email: vetfoodphyto-service@mail.ru