The Secretariat performs the following functions:


1) control over incoming and outgoing correspondence of the Ministry, as well as documents with deadlines defined by the RA Minister of Agriculture, Deputy Ministers and Head of Staff,

2) receiving of the RA Government session agendas by internet communication,  registration and delivery to the addressees,

3) control over procedure of preparing drafts of legal acts in due time to be submitted to the RA Government discussion, as well as control over their registration and retention of records,

4) control over the procedure for preparing answers to the documents,

5) control over the fulfillment of orders and assignments of the Minister, head of the staff in due time 

6) receiving official and non-official papers and electronic correspondence addressed to the Ministry, copying, studying, recording of documents, registration in “Mulberry” document circulation electronic system and maintenance of registers,  

7) receiving the Ministry’s outgoing documents in hard and soft copies, copying and delivering by “Mulberry” document circulation electronic system, “Hay Post” CJSC and courier service, 

8) reception of citizens, applications, grievances  and entry into online electronic system,  drawing up of special cases and their retention for identified period based on requirements of the RA legislation, control over their discussion and responding process and preparation of quarterly report on their results  to be submitted to the RA Government.

9) editing of the orders, maintaining  of the order books relating to the main activities of the RA Minister and head of the staff and provision of hard copies of the orders to the addressees if required, 

10) studying of  applications, complaints, proposals of the citizens, as well as problematic issues addressed in the official documents and preparation of appropriate answers,

11) preparation of archive transcripts, reports on archive activities and funds,

12) receiving relevant documents from structural and separate subdivisions of the Ministry with note of retention period based on the list of archive documents, arrangement, organization of  retention,

13) taking notes and minutes of the meetings with minister, copying and delivery to the addressees.  



Head of Secretariat: Qristine Araqelyan

Tel.: (+37411) 521 292




Head of Document Control Division: Irina Tadevosyan

Tel.: (+37411) 521 292




Acting Head of General Division: Magda Hovhannesyan

Tel.: (+37411) 521 292