Food Security Division

The functions of the division are as follows:


  1.  State policy development in the field of Food Safety,
  2.  Elaboration of legislative acts’ drafts related to Food Safety, as well as elaboration of regulatory legal acts, in the cases provided by legislation,
  3.  Study and analyses of the state of Food Security system, troubleshooting,
  4.  Monitoring and participation in the processes of concepts and project elaboration, based on the Food Safety analyses and forecasts,
  5.  Support to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system implementation works in all stages of food chain (production and circulation),
  6.  Participation in the discussions and elaboration of international agreements, related to the issues of Food Safety,
  7.  Support to the draft elaboration of Food Safety standards and other legal documentation (technical norms),
  8.  If necessary, providing consultations and clarifications on Food Safety legal acts for the enterprises,
  9.  Coordination of Food Safety related works, implemented in the collaboration with international organizations,
  10.  Examination of citizens’ letters and complaints, and solving of the raised problems within their competence,
  11.  Implementation of other functions based on this Charter and ordinance of the Minister.



Head of the Division: Ashxen Shirvanyan

Tel.: (+37411) 297 434