Financial-Economic and Accounting Department

The goals and objectives of the Department are as follows:


a) development of the Ministry’s financial and budgetary policy,
b) ensuring the preparation of the Ministry’s mid-term cost programs directed to the development of agricultural sector,
c) participation in the state budget development process in the manner specified by the RA legislation and ensuring target use of budget resources in accordance with the RA Law on Procurement.  


In order to achieve its goals and objectives the Department performs the following functions in the manner established by the law:


a) ensures the management of financial flows of the Ministry and performance of internal audit,

b) takes measures stipulated by the law


       - to ensure the management of the Ministry’s financial liabilities and fixed assets,  
       - to ensure the allocation of  budgetary funds based on budget classification,

c)ensures the preparation of financial statements and submission to the RA Ministry of Finance and Economy in the manner established by the RA legislation, including the statements on actual incomes, expenses of the reporting period and future projections,
d) ensures the implementation of activities to improve tax, loan and non-tax income policy.



Head of the department: Eduard Karapetyan

Tel.: (+37411) 523 685




Head of The Financial Budgeting Division: Margarit Zaqaryan

Tel.: (+37411) 542  119



Acting Head of Accounting and Financial-Economic Analysis Division: Khachatur Shahoyan

Tel.: (+37411) 540 457