Economics Division

The Economics Division of the Ministry staff  ensures the operation of administrative part working with relevant power supply, radio station, telecommunication, communication and post office Divisions, implements procurement and property maintenance procedures, fulfills works relating to the routes of official vehicles,  fuel, technical maintenance, annual vehicle inspection, efficient use of stored material values,  as well as presents proposals for keeping the administrative building in proper condition and appropriate functioning.


The Division exercises control over the payment certificates, mutual settlements and rental fees submitted by the service providing organizations and guarantees their payment. 


Works for maintenance of available spare parts of computer equipment and other technical facilities, adjustment of mutual acts and settlements with organizations providing technical maintenance services, preparation of documents for redistribution of computer equipment, computerized support to competition for vacant positions and performance review of senior and junior civil servants.    


Once per year a stocktaking, as well as control over inventory safekeeping and turnover are organized in the Ministry.


The Division provides the Management of the Ministry and staff with appropriate working conditions, stationary, household and other necessary goods.    



Head of the Division: Hrachya Nikoghosyan

Tel.: (+37410) 561 290