Department of agricultural development programs

The goals and objectives of the department are:


a) Participate in the design of the country’s main agrarian policies and unified agrarian strategy by directing these processes towards more comprehensive and strengthened reforms in the agrarian sector, promotion of scientific progress, enhancement of marketing relations, sustainable agricultural development and increase of the food security level in the country,

b) Coordinate the elaboration of strategic programs, concepts and recommendations in the agricultural sector,

c) Coordinate the design of food security programs.

The department, through separate sub-departments, carries out the following functions to achieve its goals and objectives:


Agricultural Planning Division


a) Design of recommendations and activities aimed at the improvement and increased efficiency of the sector, derived from periodical analysis of the factual situation and research of development tendencies in the sector,

b) Analysis of results of the marketing situation research, forecast of possible (anticipated) changes and presentation of recommendations and activities towards the improvement of the economic situation,

c) Elaboration of draft legal acts, projects and recommendations aimed at establishing conducive environment for entrepreneurship in agricultural and agrarian sectors, as well as participation in the monitoring of such initiatives,

d) Defining priority directions of agricultural sector development,

e) Coordination of the compilation of annual (periodical) reports on the Ministry’s acitivities,

f) Review of suggestions, queries, issues received from citizens, as well as agricultural development project documents and presentation of relevant recommendations,


Infrastructure Development and Food Security Division


a) Participation in the periodical evaluation on the physical and economic availability of staple products, design of concepts, projects and recommendations on the increase of food security level and participation in the monitoring of their implementation,

b) Analysis of issues relating to the population living standards, production and processing of food, prices, turnover, population income and consumption, and presentation of relevant recommendations,

c) Presentation of recommendations about the food security condition in the country, the analysis of the food sufficiency level and the replacement of imported products with local production,

d) Design of methodology aimed at improvement of the elaboration process of food security project as well as ensuring the application of such methodology

e) Research of infrastructure in the agrarian sector and design of recommendations for its update,

f) Review and discussion of queries and issues relating to food security received from other institutions, as well as from citizens, presentation of recommendations on those queries.



Acting Head of the Department: Ira Panosyan

Tel: (+37411) 561 235




Head of the Agricultural Planning Division: Artur Petrosyan

Tel.: (+37411) 561 235



Acting Head of the Food Security Division: Armenak Aghajanyan

Tel.: (+37411) 525 232