Agro-Processing Development Department

The main objective of the Department is to provide support to the agricultural processing industry.


The core functions are: 


1) Development of policies for agri-processing industry and agribusiness and implementation monitoring,

2) Development of drafts of legal acts for agricultural processing industry and agribusiness,

3) Design of strategic projects, concepts for the development of agricultural product and agribusiness fields based on comprehensive analyses of the processes and projections in the sphere of agro-processing industry and agribusiness and reveal of challenging issues,   

4) Coordination of the works for approving technical criteria to register intellectual property objects to be protected in the manner specified by the law, 

 5) Coordination of the works for defining and approving actual loss of property (natural loss) for deducting from gross income for taxation purposes,

6) Monitoring of preparatory activities and purchase of projected quantity of fruits, vegetables and grapes by agricultural processing and exporting companies and coordination of purchasing process,

7) Monitoring of food demand and sufficiency level in the local market,

8) Study of international markets of specific foods,

9) Expertise of the drafts of legal acts, technical regulations, standards developed by other agencies pertaining to agri-processing industry and agribusiness,  

10) Support to ensure the participation of farming enterprises and agricultural processing companies in the fairs organized in the RA and abroad,  marketing activities of local producers and promote export of agricultural products,

11) Participation in the process of development and discussion of international agreements,  (treaties) relating to subject fields in established manner,

12) Discussion of the letters and applications of the citizens and provision of solutions to the brought up questions within the limits of Department competence,

13) Collaboration with relevant services of marzes (provinces) and economic entities in the manner specified by the RA legislation,

14) Participation in discussions with state bodies and organizations relating to agricultural processing and agribusiness fields.



Head of the department: Gevorg Ghazaryan

Tel.: (+37411) 230 180




Head of The Agro-Processing Support Division: Arayik Aramyan

Tel.: (+37411) 235 471




Head of The Agribusiness Development Division: Nelson Melkonyan 

Tel.: (+37411) 297 338