“Agriculture Scientific Center” SNCO

The Agriculture Scientific Center affiliated to the  RA Ministry of Agriculture was set up in 1926.  


During the years of its activity, the scientific center made a valuable contribution to the development of the agricultural science in Armenia and introduction of scientific achievements in industry.


At present various works of theoretical and applied nature are implemented in the selection, seed growing departments and agrochemical and biochemical laboratories of the center. The investigation works cover spring wheat and barley, world collection of leguminous plants, development of efficient technologies for selected varieties, development of winter hardy, disease resistant plants, high fertility varieties, mutagenic activity of pesticides used in agriculture, clarification of joint influence mechanisms of pesticides and physiologically active substances. 


The scientific center fulfills joint projects with International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA), International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), as well as with local “Armbiotechnology” Research Center, Genofond Protection Laboratory of Biotechnology Scientific Center affiliated to the Armenian National Agrarian University, Sisian Seed Producers’ Union, Biotechnological Laboratory of the Yerevan State University , Microbiology Scientific Center, Karabakh Center for Protection of Seed Growing and Selection Achievements.


Due to cooperation with international organizations during the last decades 6 varieties of autumn wheat, 6 varieties of autumn barely and 4 varieties of pea were put into circulation. Five varieties of autumn wheat, 3 varieties of autumn barely, 2 varieties of soya and 1 variety of garden pea were presented for state testing.


The Scientific Center provides professional consultancy and services to the farming companies:


 1.   Definition of sprout energy and sprouting of field crops,

2.    Definition of humus, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content in the soil,

3.    Divination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium availability in the crops,

4.    Qualitative yield assessment of grain and leguminous crops,

5.    Calculation of nutrition and fertilization norms and times for crop sowing,

6.    Proposal for the best cultivation technologies. 



Director: Abraham Ghukasyan

Tel.: (+374231) 5 34 54

email: erkragorcutyun@mail.ru