Announcement On Submission of Applications for Implementation of Activities for Establishment of Intensive Orchards cultivated with Modern Technologies


aygiProgram on “Subsidizing of loan interest rates for the establishment of intensive orchards cultivated with modern technologies in the Republic of Armenia” was approved by the Protocol Decree No. 53 by the RA Government on 21 December 2017.


 Within the framework of the Program, all the organizations specialized in establishment of intensive orchards, which carry out activities of establishment of orchards, introduction of drip irrigation and anti-hail nets systems according to the requirements of the Program, and which will provide free consultation to the beneficiaries regarding utilization and maintenance of drip irrigation and anti-hail nets systems, as well as warranty service for at least one year, may submit an application to the Ministry.


The list of specialized organizations based on the received applications, as well as additional information (if available) on their activities and work done will be available on the Website.


Within the framework of the Program, only those loans provided to the entities (borrowers) will be subsidized, whose intensive orchards will be established by one of the specialized organizations included in the above mentioned list.






The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia