Mr. Ignati Arakelyan: “As a result of state support program, money was saved, which will be used for agricultural subsidies”


1Mr. Ignati Arakelyan’s, Minister of Agriculture of RA, press conference was held during which state support programs implemented in 2017 and current problems were introduced.


Minister noted that as a result of tenders in the frame of state support programs it was possible to save money which will be directed to a new program: subsidizing of agricultural machinery purchase this year.


Particularly, within the framework of “Agricultural Animals Vaccination” program, as a result of negotiations about 30 million Armenian drams were saved from 456 million Armenian drams provided for the purchase of vaccines to make various diagnostic and epidemiological measures.


“If last year the Ministry of Agriculture of RA has provided 4 mlrd Armenian drams budgetary loan to import fertilizer and about 2 mlrd 110 mln Armenian drams dram for subsidies, this year only 900 mln Armenian drams will be provided for subsidizing of fertilizers’ provision program, as a result of which about 1 mlrd 200 mln Armenian drams will be saved”,- Mr. Ignati Arakelyan, Minister noted.


Mr. Ignati Arakelyan said that the following companies won the tender with their minimum price proposals: Masis “Berriutyun”, Russian “Torgoviy Dom Donskoy AgroKhimCenter” and Iranian fertilizer importing “Baran Group”. As a result of subsidization, the fertilizer will be provided to the farms at prices of the last year.


Referring to the payments of procurement debts, Minister noted that according to the data presented by the suppliers the total debt is over 1 mlrd 467 mln Armenian drams at this moment. Minister assured that the Ministry of Agriculture is in regular contact with procurement companies and follows the payment process and 90% of the debts will be paid until June according to the payment timetable (over 586 mln Armenian drams in February, 415 mln Armenian drams in March, 160 Armenian drams in April, etc).


Mr. Ignati Arakelyan has good news for creditors of “Winar” Company – soon they will completely receive their money. Prosecutor`s Office, which examines the case of “Winar” company by mediation of the Ministry of Agriculture, recently reported that there is 12 thousand decalitres of alcohol in the factory storage at the moment that was sealed by the department of SRC Investigation, and the quantity is enough to pay completely the debts of farmers. According to Minister, a few days were given to the “Winar” company for organizing the sale and if  “Winar” company does not sell alcohol the Ministry will interfer again and will organize sales.


Mr. Ignati Arakelyan informed that program of providing agricultural machinery will be discussed and it is intended to provide very low interest rates, in order all creditworthy farms, cooperatives, communities will be able to acquire their necessary equipments without any limits.



Division of Information and Public Relations of

the RA Ministry of Agriculture