“Agrochemical Service” SNCO

The functions and services provided by the “Agrochemical service” SNCO are as follows: 


1. Agrochemical field examination of the arable lands and perennial plantings,

2. Laboratory analyses of soil samples,

3. Development of Agrochemical maps and provision to the communities, calculation of fertilizer demand,

4. Development  of crop fertilization papers based on scientific evidences and provision to the communities, professional support for their introduction,

5. Verification of the fertilizer quality used in the Republic of Armenia. 


Laboratory analyses are made in the samples taken from the lands (arable land, perennial plantings), household plots and lands under cover cultivated by physical persons and legal entities to determine the composition of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, as well as soil reaction (pH), mechanical composition, the quantities of humus, calcium and magnesium if required.


Fertilizers are analyzed in the laboratories to approve their quality compliance with technical regulation adopted by the RA Government and if required the nutrient quantities are defined in the presented samples. 


Laboratory analysis of irrigation waters is also performed.


In 2013 analyses of 114 land samples from the areas under cover and open fields of physical persons, as well as analyses of 270 samples of mineral and organic fertilizers were performed.  



Director: Vachaghan Davtyan

Tel.: (+37410) 772 906

email: agrocarayutyun@agroqim.am