Announcement For Submitting Proposals on Organizing the Production of Organic/Organo-Mineral/Biological Fertilizer


logo-MABy way of substituting the imported fertilizer with higher quality organic/organo-mineral/biological fertilizer of local production, proposals on organizing production of organic/organo-mineral/biological fertilizer are envisaged to collect.

 2. Any legal or physical person may submit a proposal (hereinafter referred to as Proposal) on organizing production of organic/organo-mineral/biological fertilizer.

 3. The proposal shall contain information at least on the following criteria (hereinafter referred to as Proposal criteria):

  1)   place of activity. The production shall be envisaged for cultivation of at least 20000ha area.

 2)   economic justification and efficiency, financial calculations and forecast for 5 years, calculations and justifications of own and borrowed financial resources,

 3)   size and composition of invested funds by the private sector,

4)   types of produced fertilizer, calculation and justification of the cost price, comparison of prices and competitiveness with similar products currently available in the market,

 5)   forecast on created infrastructures, cultivated agricultural land plots and the yield growth  with measureable indices of outcomes by way of proposal implementation

 6)    the size/or other support format of necessary state funding and involvement conditions, return date of invested state funds, level of profitability, risk assessment of  investment returnability,

 7)   data on certification of the proposed product and its testing.

 5. The selection of proposals will be carried out based on Proposal criteria and preference will be given to those Proposals ensuring:

 1)   return of invested state funds in a shorter period and with less risk of investment returnability,

 2)   maximum investment of own funds by the private sector,

 3)   greater efficiency of the product,

 4)   minimum price of the product,

 5)   higher economic efficiency of implementation of the proposal.


 If you choose to participate in the process, you should submit a Proposal before 1800 o’clock on August 24, 2017 to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Armenia (Government house 3, Republic Square, Yerevan or by e-mail address: